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The Fox

Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico, is in the news for dropping an F-bomb on a live CNN broadcast. He really dislikes Drumpf and has a series of videos on YouTube calling Drumpf out for the “wall” and statements about Latinos. Drop his name into the a search engine and they pop up. most of them are funny if you aren’t a Republican.

It is really annoying that the Prime Minister of Canada is fluent in French and English; the President of Mexico is fluent in Spanish and English; but the President of the United States is only fluent in gibberish.


1 Kryten42 { 08.06.17 at 5:59 am }

LMAO true! 😀 Finally, the mostly silent economic pro’s are speaking out. Took long enough (with a few exceptions like Krugman).

Economists Line Up To Trash The Trump Administration’s New Anti-Immigrant Proposal

Too bad they didn’t before the election! This was known long before.

2 Bryan { 08.06.17 at 1:34 pm }

Economists have been saying this for decades along with disproving all of the claims about the ‘negative impact of raising the minimum wage’, but the media would rather print the agitprop of their corporate owners than the facts. Farming is screwed without migrant labor. Crops will rot in the fields if there is no one to harvest them, but Drumpf doesn’t know or care.