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Has He No Decency?

If he were a drunk and not the President of the United States, you could ignore the fact Trump has absolutely no social skills. He has no discernible interpersonal skills at all. Why did he tell the people of Puerto Rico that their problems aren’t a real disaster, like Katrina?

First off, everyone who looks at the situation knows that the number of official deaths, 16, wildly understates the real situation. Officials are trying to save the living and will account for the dead later. Anyone in an ICU when the storm hit is probably dead. Anyone who depended on dialysis is probably dead. Anyone who depended on oxygen is probably dead. It has been reported that the morgues at the hospitals are full, and that in some rural areas they have been burying their dead as they have no way of preserving the bodies. Doctors are too busy saving the living to fill out death certificates. Authories won’t do anything until the next of kin are notified, and without telephone services that isn’t going to be possible.

Trump ordered flags flown at half staff for the victims of Las Vegas. Puerto Rico and Virgin Island victims had a golf trophy dedication. Nowhere near the same level of respect for two different groups of Americans.

October 3, 2017   Comments Off on Has He No Decency?