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For the last few days I have been engaged in my latest battle in the eternal war against 50-year-old galvanized steel plumbing. I was on battery power for two hours when another squirrel decided to become a crispy critter by shorting the transformer providing power to my house and the apartment where I was working. As that occurred on Halloween night with the “Harvest Festival” screwing up traffic in the neighborhood the normally fast resolution could not take place.

Looking at the latest multiple murder case, it becomes clear that the current President & Congress will soon purpose either banning rental trucks or require extreme “vetting” to be able to obtain one to take home an absurd barbeque grill. OTOH, there is nothing that can be done about ‘bump stocks’ or high capacity magazines. The logic is that driving is a privilege, while the ability to murder dozens with one trigger pull is a Constitutional right 😈

November 2, 2017   6 Comments