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The Unnatural Disaster In Alabama

Another woman has come forward to accuse Roy Moore of misconduct.

Roy Moore responded that he doesn’t know the woman and is not familiar with the restaurant she worked at. Mr Moore didn’t explain signing the woman’s high school yearbook, and mentioning the name of the restaurant in his message. He really should know better than to tell lies that are so easy to check.

More and more GOP Senators have deserted Moore, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz.


1 Badtux { 11.14.17 at 2:00 am }

And more tales from the mall of Roy Moore having maybe being banned from the mall for sexually harassing underage girls at the mall.

The polls don’t seem to know what they want. Roy Moore opened up a 10 point lead after the revelations, but a different poll taken at the exact same time shows Moore 5 points behind. At this point I have to think the polls are about as accurate as the ones on November 5 2016 and have no idea who’ll win. Or if anybody will win. Huhn.

2 Bryan { 11.14.17 at 11:28 am }

It seems like everyone in the county knew about this this stuff, but no one would say any anything to avoid causing more hurt for the victims and they kept electing him to public office. His political opponents didn’t use any of it in campaigns because the victims wouldn’t come forward and Moore banged Bibles louder than anyone else. The asshole signs Bibles like he was the author!

3 Badtux { 11.15.17 at 8:48 pm }

As well as signs underage girls’ yearbooks as if he were their boyfriend.

Oh wait…

4 Bryan { 11.15.17 at 8:54 pm }

It was four, then five, and today it is seven women telling the world what a creep Moore is and was. With almost a month to go Ol’ Roy ain’t gonna last 😈