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The new FireFox update is really annoying. They have moved things around so I have to look rather than knowing where what I want is located. They have redesigned some of the icons/buttons and changed the look of the tabs. They have generally mucked around with things and they broke the one add-on I actually liked and used: FireFTP. FireFox no longer has the ability to connect to my backend within the program. I have reverted to Filezilla, which is fine, but it is a separate program that has to be launched in a separate window, rather than a tab within FireFox.

They told me when it came up how fast the last update made FireFox, but it isn’t fast when I have to juggle another program.

Meanwhile, Australians decisively supported same-sex marriage in their mail-in referendum, and now the Parliament needs to create a law to deal with it. The people are probably more accepting than the politicians, and the politicians are being reduced by questions about their citizenship status, so who knows when the law will actually be passed.

In Africa, Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, is ‘under house arrest’ after army takeover. Mugabe made a decision to remove his long-time Vice President and fellow veteran of the war for independence, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to facilitate naming his wife, Grace, as his successor. The general staff were not happy about that move. Mugabe is 40 years older than his current wife and senior officers of the military are all veterans of the war of independence.

Down in comments, Kryten highlights a decent cause – helping a 10-year-old in Flint, Michigan who is campaigning for a solution to their water crisis. She has met her GoFundMe goal, but she also has t-shirts that you can buy for people on your list ‘who have everything’.

November 15, 2017   11 Comments