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In Moore News

After Roy Moore threatened to sue them, AL.com responded: We will not be silenced or slowed by Roy Moore’s threat.

Mr. Moore should be familiar with the relevant Supreme Court decision, New York Times Co. v. Sullivan,, a case about an Alabama official trying to sue the media. The media won.

As I expected and we saw with the Harvey Weinstein case, things are continuing to develop with the number jumping to seven and then nine as more women decide to tell their stories of Roy Moore being a creep.

Despite the dire threats of consequences from the Republican Party of Alabama, Richard Shelby, the senior Senator from Alabama says he won’t vote for Moore. Shelby said that he would write in the name of another qualified candidate.

Update: From Techdirt – Roy Moore’s Threat Letter To Sue The Press Is An Artform In Bad Lawyering. [Think Barney Fife with a concussion]


1 Badtux { 11.16.17 at 10:18 pm }

Roy Moore is certainly aware of the NYT v. Sullivan decision. However, he is also aware of the Hulk Hogan v. Gawker decision — the one that bankrupted Gawker and put it out of business despite the fact that Gawker likely would have won on appeal. It turns out that the Sullivan decision is a rather quaint artifact of a prior era in today’s day and age 🙁 .

2 Bryan { 11.17.17 at 11:09 am }

Moore’s lawyer is dumber than a brick. His demand letter is currently in the running for worst document ever produced by anyone purporting to be an attorney. There are sections that look like the result of throwing a thesaurus into a wood chipper. Remember the instructions that used to come with OEM cards from Taiwan? They are sonnets compared to the alleged legal prose of the letter sent to AL.com.