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Thirteen Years

My “On-Line Opinion Magazine” is a teenager‽

It was a reaction to the reelection of the Shrubbery – an event that I thought had to be the worst decision ever made by the American electorate. I was really wrong, as 2016 has shown.

Trump pardons two Thanksgiving turkeys, jokes about killing Obama’s birds. Again I was wrong – I assumed that the turkeys would be Don Jr & Jared … maybe for Christmas.

His other gift, beside the tax cuts for corporations and the end of Net Neutrality, was privatizing the VA health system, something he didn’t mentioned to the Vets groups as he was trying to get American football players fired for protesting during the National Anthem [paid for by the Department of Defense since 2007 as recruitment advertising, BTW]. Who is dishonoring veterans – people protesting deaths, or those who are taking away veterans’ free healthcare?

November 21, 2017   9 Comments