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Cat hair helps nab woman accused of mailing bombs to President Obama and Texas Governor Abbott.

FORT WORTH, Texas — A Texas woman is accused of sending homemade bombs to President Barack Obama and Texas Governor Greg Abbott that prosecutors say could have maimed or killed the two leaders.

They matched the DNA of the cat hair found in the bomb packages with one of her cats. I would have liked to have seen that warrant application.

Texas congressman Joe Barton says police investigating after nude photo surfaces. Joe Barton was the schmuck who apologized to the CEO of BP for his treatment by the Obama administration just because one of BP’s oil wells was pumping millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Flynn’s legal team cuts ties to Trump lawyers. It appears that Flynn is looking for a deal after concluding that Trump isn’t going to pardon him, or he is facing state charges in addition to Mueller’s possible charges.

A video report on the news that Trump SoHo Hotel owner pays Trumps to leave as business flounders. The Trump Organization had a marketing & management contract with the hotel/condo building. The building has major problems, many related to being associated with the Trump brand. Not only does Trump not own the building, it isn’t in SoHo.

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Evergreen Yes, it’s the time of year when the Sun dies and must be re-born through an elaborate ceremony that involves some form or type of sacrifice, such as finding gifts for people you can’t stand and smiling brightly as you receive yet another gift based on an urban legend that you actually like truly stomach-wrenching color combinations.

Of course there was a time when the Solstice sacrifices were more visceral and the evergreen was covered in things that pleased only ravens and such, but we have put all that behind us by opting for the possibility of electrocuting one another and causing chaos on the power grid.

What a brilliant idea: moving a large supply of pre-kindling soaked with highly flammable resins into your house, loading it down with petrochemical-based ornaments, lacing it with heat-producing electrical devices, and surrounding the base with cardboard boxes and tissue paper. You just can’t have a traditional celebration without a proto-bonfire in your living room.

I do think that followers of Mithras might want to curtail their typical birthday service in light of Mad-Cow Disease, but global warming will certainly make the services in the oak wood in traditional druidic robes more comfortable.

When you put up your stocking on the mantel and put out the turnips for Gouger, Rooter, Tusker, and Snouter as well as the pork pie and sherry for the Hogfather, you can rest assured the Sun will come up, because it just slipped around back to return the lager it rented.

Enjoy! You have nothing to fear, except that sniveling little creep with the camera/phone at the office party or the eggnog that was put out rather early causing you to suspect that the bits on top aren’t nutmeg. [The pictures probably won’t appear on the ‘Net and the brandy will surely take care of the salmonella.]

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