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FYI: They Are Birches

A lot of people don’t understand the meaning of Melanie Trump’s Christmas decorations. As a student of Slavic languages, letters, and culture I instantly recognize the symbols. Mrs. Trump is a Slovene and following her ethnic Christmas customs and traditions, not the predominately German and English traditions of the United States.

The picture of “white sticks in buckets” represent birch trees in winter lining the path to the house or great hall. It was common practice to line paths and roads with trees or shrubs so you could find them in deep snow. Birch trees are deciduous [lose their leaves in fall] and look like “a bunch of white sticks” in winter.

This isn’t ‘satanic’, ‘New Age’, or ‘haute couture’, it is a Slavic winter scene.

November 29, 2017   6 Comments