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The NPR coverage of the Flynn Guilty plea includes a copy of the Plea Agreement at the end.

Rachel Maddow did some research on the two members who signed the deal for the Mueller team.

Brandon Van Grack is in the national security division of the Justice Department and was leading the grand jury investigation of Flynn in the Eastern District of Virginia when he joined Mueller’s team. He is an espionage specialist. Zainab Ahmad is an Assistant US Attorney in the Eastern District of New York and a terrorism specialist. Ms Ahmad is 13-0 for terror prosecutions.

This is the varsity. These are professionals with a proven record of success. Trump and family need to find some professional criminal defense attorneys and start listening to them. There is nothing that says a sitting President can’t be indicted. A President can only be removed from office by impeachment, but that doesn’t mean he/she can’t be convicted of a crime.

December 2, 2017   6 Comments

You Win A Few

After being told that all of the problems that I experienced with WordPress after updating to 4.9 were problems with my theme, WordPress issued 4.91 and everything starting working again. They wanted a half dozen different people to each start their own thread on the forum because we must each have different reasons for the exact same problems. It’s my fault. I should have waited until after the first bug release. I should know better by now.

Rep. Barton won’t seek re-election. All I can say is: If you are intent on doing something stupid, don’t make a video and send it to someone else. Barton is fairly obscene dressed, so no one needed to see him undressed.

December 2, 2017   Comments Off on You Win A Few