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Unifying The World

If you have ever wondered what would bring together the Pope, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Russia, China, Nato, the Sunnis and the Shiia, Arabs & Persians, the Turks and Turkic people, essentially everyone on the planet who didn’t vote for Netanyahu or Trump: from Crooks & Liars – Consensus: Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Is A Terrible Idea or the BBC – Jerusalem: Trump move prompts negative world reaction.

Of course this means that the US is out of the Mideast peace process, US embassies in much of the world will probably be attacked, there will be travel warnings up for US citizens for most of the world, but Drumpf got to hold a signing ceremony….

December 6, 2017   4 Comments

Feast Of Saint Nicholas

Russian Icon of Saint Nicholas

Yes, it is the day that kindly old Saint Nicholas fills the footware of good little girls and boys with treats [or his assistants beat the evil out of bad children, depending on the local customs – they didn’t just leave the sticks – in some places they use them.] Don’t forget the carrot if he rides a horse in your area.

He is the patron saint of Russian merchants and pawnbrokers (three gold balls are one of the symbols associated with him).

December 6, 2017   2 Comments