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Unifying The World

If you have ever wondered what would bring together the Pope, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Russia, China, Nato, the Sunnis and the Shiia, Arabs & Persians, the Turks and Turkic people, essentially everyone on the planet who didn’t vote for Netanyahu or Trump: from Crooks & Liars – Consensus: Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Is A Terrible Idea or the BBC – Jerusalem: Trump move prompts negative world reaction.

Of course this means that the US is out of the Mideast peace process, US embassies in much of the world will probably be attacked, there will be travel warnings up for US citizens for most of the world, but Drumpf got to hold a signing ceremony….


1 Badtux { 12.07.17 at 12:46 am }

How many times will it take Republican presidents fucking up in the Middle East before Republican presidents realize that it’s a Really Bad Idea to fuck around in the Middle East?! I mean, you had Ike doing that whole coup thing in Iran that ended up with the blowback of the rule of the Ayatollahs, you had Nixon managing to get the whole Middle East pissed off enough that we had gas rationing in the USA, you had Reagan arming the Taliban to fight the Russians (okay, so that’s actually West Asia, not the Middle East, but still) with blowback that’s still ongoing today, not to mention his Lebanon fiasco (where he at least had the sense to bring the troops home after 241 Marines got blown up, after blowing up a bunch of neighborhoods full of innocent people with unguided shells from the U.S.S. New Jersey and declaring victory), then of course there was Dubya’s Fine Iraqi Adventure which destabilized Syria and Jordan too (Jordan is still holding together, barely, Syria of course had a huge blowout), and now Trump is playing in that sandbox? For realz?

When do these Republican presidents ever learn?


2 Bryan { 12.07.17 at 3:42 pm }

It looks like Turkey is severing relations with Israel. Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia need to sever ties with the US to avoid problems at home. The UN Security Council has called a special session on the issue. Bethlehem is going to have a terrible Christmas season. Iran is taking the lead for the Muslim world because it doesn’t hide its dislike for the US and Saudi Arabia has been cozying up with the Trumpkins.

3 Kryten42 { 12.07.17 at 7:10 pm }

It’s going to get very ugly, fast. And there will be blood. A lot of blood.

4 Bryan { 12.07.17 at 9:08 pm }

The protests on the West Bank have already started, and an American anywhere in the Middle East, tourist or US official, has a personal security problem. Apparently trying to push North Korea into a nuclear war wasn’t exciting enough, Trump wants a blood bath in the Middle East.