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It’s Trump’s Fault

He had to come to Pensacola to hold one of his silly rallies and boost support for Roy Moore. The temperature is in the 30s and it’s snowing in Alabama. Before morning it is possible the local bridges will be ice coated as it has been raining for a couple of days as the first real cold front of the season moves through.

Chuck Grassley is an economic moron. Grassley says that if you target tax breaks towards the bottom half of the tax payers, they will just spend the money, while the people at the top will invest it. Obviously Senator Grassley is blissfully unaware that more two-thirds of the GDP is based on consumers spending money and businesses expand in response to an increase in demand, not an increase in available capital.

Juan Cole explains: How Trump’s Jerusalem move just helped Iran win the Mideast. If you look in the dictionary for “unintended consequences” you will note that Trump has moved ahead of the CIA in the definitions.

The US UN ambassador, Nikki Haley , managed to get us knocked off the world’s Christmas card list by insulting pretty much everyone who is anyone in the Middle East and the Security Council.

The BBC provides maps and background on the Jerusalem situation.


1 Kryten42 { 12.10.17 at 7:45 am }

Well… Yes. Pretty much every problem now is Dotard’s fault! Cause -> Effect.

He’s totally lost the plot!
Trump’s strangest speech yet? President ‘all over the place’ at Florida rally

I tweeted about that complete imbecile Haley:
“Just when anyone thinks any moronic Dotard45 appointee couldn’t get worse… they always do! Is there ANYONE currently working for Dotard that actually has the remotest idea what their job is? (VID)”

I got several replies similar to this (accurate):
“Of course they do. Their job is to pucker up and kiss his arse on a daily basis. It’s to act like his little puppets, completely disregarding facts and science and basic human empathy. I’d say they’re excelling at that 😒”

My response:
“Yep! I was confusing *job* with *title*! Duh! Silly me… I used to think that the title descriptively implied the job! Obviously, that’s no longer the case. I’m guessing Haley is angling for a job as anchor or bobble-head on FOX. She certainly is proving her cred’s for that!”

And this:
“Ok.. Now she’s on the stupid list.. Lol TRUMP has No idea what he’s talking about..”

“Ohhhhh… I think we need a new list, perhaps even a new word! Stupid really doesn’t do them justice! That’s far too high an achievement for all Dotards!🙄🤨”

And so on! I have to thank Dotard45 for one thing… he’s certainly giving my sense of humor, satire & irony a good work out!

2 Bryan { 12.10.17 at 3:05 pm }

Trump gave one of his campaign rants in Pensacola. He’s freaking out because “he hears the thud” of Mueller as the investigation gets ever closer. Things are going down hill ever faster. If he fires Mueller a lot of the evidence collected about Trump’s finances will go to Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General of New York who will prosecute the entire family in New York State courts and no one can pardon any of them. I’m sure lawyers have explained this, and maybe Ivanka has realized what it means.

Fear is dissolving whatever tenuous grasp on reality Trump had.