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Apparently polls that sample landline telephones show Roy Moore will win, and those that call cellphones favor Doug Jones. The projected voter turnout for the election is 25%, so either candidate could win if they can get their supporters to go to the polls.

Getting to the polls, Roy Moore uses a horse which is a mistake. If you look at the video you will get a lesson on how not to ride a horse and nasty comments by people who know how to ride a horse with a Western saddle.

Meanwhile, at Moore’s final campaign event a friend of Moore’s gives the strangest endorsement I have ever heard of for any candidate … ever. File under “With friends like this”.

Update at 9:45PM CST – the AP, CNN, and the BBC are calling the race for Doug Jones.


1 Badtux { 12.13.17 at 2:51 am }

Color me surprised. Doug Jones automatically lost 33% of the white vote in Alabama by prosecuting and jailing KKK murderers, which should have had him losing by 60%/40% in the final election. This just shows just how bad a candidate Roy Moore was.

Jones will be the incumbent in 2020. If the current trends in Alabama continue, that means that he’ll lose by 51.5% for the Republican to 48.5% for Jones. That’s how statewide elections for Democratic incumbents have run in Alabama for the past decade, anyhow. The only way they can get into office is when the Republicans run incredibly bad candidates, then they invariably lose the next election by 51.5% to 48.5%. Actually, I doubt Jones will even get 48.5%. He’s lost the KKK vote, after all. And in Alabama, that’s a big deal.

2 Bryan { 12.13.17 at 9:01 am }

The state officials were expecting a 25% voter turn-out and it was much higher. Jones got out the vote among the minorities. In three years many of the Moore voters will have died, and the young are not buying ‘hoods’ at the same rate as their fathers.

3 Kryten42 { 12.13.17 at 8:25 pm }

Seems Alabama (mostly the black voters according to numbers) decided Moore was a bad idea. Most of the whites, didn’t. *shrug*

Anyway, anything that pisses off Dotard & the GOP is a very good thing IMHO! 😆

This was posted yesterday:
Robert Mueller’s job just got a lot easier

OT: To save me makeing 2 comments, thought you might be interested in this.

Tim Berners-Lee‏ is campaigning heavily against the FCC. He tweeted earlier:

“The @FCC’s proposal to undermine #NetNeutrality would be a disaster for the internet, for consumers & for innovation. That’s why I’ve joined internet pioneers calling for tomorrow’s vote to be cancelled https://pioneersfornetneutrality.tumblr.com/
– Call your reps NOW”

He posted a Petition here:

4 Kryten42 { 12.13.17 at 8:35 pm }

Just got this:

Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson commits suicide on bridge in Mt. Washington amidst molestation accusations

I wish they’d all do that! Would make the World a better, saner place. And make things a lot easier.

In other news, McCain’s really had enough of Dotard. 😆
John McCain to Trump: Lay off the ‘fake news’ claims

Not a bad start to the day, for a change. 😉 😀

5 Badtux { 12.13.17 at 8:59 pm }

66% of white women in Alabama voted for Moore.

WTF, white women? I know, I know, you’re scared that them black bucks will storm your lily white suburbs and start raping your white girl children and all that ’cause Jones prosecutes KKK murderers, but you’d vote for a child molestor rather than a prosecutor of KKK murderers? Really?

Alabama (white) family values, yo.

– Badtux the Head-shakin’ Penguin

6 Kryten42 { 12.13.17 at 9:20 pm }

Yeah. It’s all over Twitter in WTF tweets. There is a shitstorm against white women in Bama. But they deserve it. *shrug*

Just got this one on my feed you guys might be interested in!

Randy Bryce (D WI-01) is campaigning against Ryan. After Moore lost in Bama, his campaign raised over $50,ooo in fighting funds! WHich is pretty awesome! He seems like a decent guy from all I’ve found so far, but Daffy Duck is better than Ryan! So… *shrug*

Anyway, I asked if anyone could donate given GOP & Ryan take donations from Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel etc. hidden within their PAC’s etc. I’d kick in something to get rid of Ryan! He’s a Global menace.


7 Bryan { 12.13.17 at 9:29 pm }

Actually over 60% of the registered voters in Alabama said to hell with it and stayed home. Come on Badtux, we both know that Doug Jones hanging around with ‘those people’ on the campaign trail was too much for the tender white feelings.

Watching Roy Moore try to ride a horse was almost worth going through this mess. His wife must be the wrangler in the family. That horse chose a gait that just beat the crap out of Moore.

In addition to Tim, Woz and Cerf have signed on to a letter telling Pai that he doesn’t know how anything works and refused to accept expert testimony that would have explained things to him. Pai is looking at rejoining Verizon with a huge increase in compensation and couldn’t care less about what happens to the Internet. He is just as ignorant and corrupt as the rest of the Trumpkins.

Selfish to the end, the miserable politician could have gone with a drug overdose in the bath tub – neat and easy to clean up, but he jumps off a bridge in the winter and someone is going to have to retrieve the body and process the scene. Selfish, just selfish with no regard for law enforcement or the fish 😈

8 Kryten42 { 12.13.17 at 10:15 pm }

Roy hasn’t yet conceded & is refusing to do so.
Roy Moore won’t concede to Doug Jones in Alabama. What does that mean?

And the wheels continue to come off!


Agree about Pai! And I said something similar a couple Months ago. He’s a typical Dotard ignorant selfish greedy scumbag.

Yeah… I thought it was pretty selfish myself. I hope the others are more considerate in future! Though… That would be insanely ironic given how selfishly evil they are! 😆 😆

I recently told a friend in a chat that I actually hope there is a god! And that when I die my trusty old AMR IWS2000 goes with me! I have a gift for the bastard! If I end up going down… same deal! I plan to be running the place! 👎🏾🤬

9 Bryan { 12.14.17 at 10:55 am }

The election won’t be official until next Tuesday. The law allows a week for overseas absentee ballots to arrive and be counted. It is a provision added for deployed military personnel. Nothing will change, but Moore is waiting for a ‘sign from G*d’. I would think a small lightning strike near his horse causing Moore to be launched through the branches of an oak tree covered in Spanish moss and landing in a farm pond unable to move or swim because of the moss would be significant enough. Of course there is nothing wrong with a stray round from the New Year’s celebration as an ‘act of G*d’.

I have known a whole lot of people over the years who, for their own reasons, wanted to have a ‘serious discussion’ with any ‘supreme being’ about conditions on this planet.

10 Badtux { 12.14.17 at 11:19 am }

The question about that mare, given that she’s under age 18, is whether she has been molested by Roy Moore yet. That would explain the mare’s weird gait. 😉

71% of white men in Alabama voted for Moore too, but I sort of expected it of them. We aren’t exactly talking about the intelligentsia of America, after all. Lots of’em don’t see anything wrong with molesting underage cousins. Because they’re Alabama men, and their family trees don’t branch.

11 Bryan { 12.14.17 at 7:39 pm }

OK, you win, Badtux. There is absolutely no way of topping your Sassy comment 😆

When Shelby and Session went to Washington the IQ of the state rose, and now it will drop. The voting patterns are based to a large extent on fear of your neighbors. If you don’t run with the herd your life gets interesting.

12 hipparchia { 12.14.17 at 9:14 pm }

ugh, I hate hate hate the thought of defending roy moore from all my city-slicker liberal friends and acquaintances, so I’m going to defend his horses instead.

so, the horse’s funny-looking gait would be one of the ambling gaits (I’m guessing it’s a fox trot, but my area of expertise would be the Tennessee walker and American saddlebred gaits, so I could be wrong):


there are a lot of breeds that are gaited (have one or more ambling gaits):


in spite of the above list of gaited breeds, horses with ambling gaits are a lot less well known these days, but were much more common in the middle ages because they are so comfortable to ride:


although the internets had a lot of fun making fun of moore’s riding style (sitting slightly behind the horse’s center of gravity, with the rider’s feet somewhat forward, and the rider’s hands held higher than what people are used to seeing in hunter-jumper and dressage competitions and riding styles) it’s actually accepted form in riding and showing many gaited breeds:




and just a word in my own defense: in spite of the fact that most of my riding experience has been with (and my favorite breeds are) saddlebreds and walking horses (as pets and trail-riding horses mostly), I’m HUGELY opposed to the various practices such as tail-setting


and soring


that show horses of these breeds are subjected to.

13 Bryan { 12.14.17 at 10:05 pm }

The gait wasn’t funny [it’s a feature, not a bug] but his seat and reins were weird. I assumed a spotted saddle horse, although I’m more familiar with draft and trotters. [My maternal grandfather built wheels for sulkies used in the trotting races in the Northeast].

I’ve ridden mostly quarter horses and saddle horses with Western saddles strictly for recreation in some of the god-forsaken areas I was stationed, like Texas.

His wife had no problem riding comfortably without looking like she was driving a cart horse.

14 hipparchia { 12.15.17 at 5:29 pm }

some of the god-forsaken areas, like Texas.


Texas is where I discovered that Tennessee walkers are way nicer to ride than quarter horses, especially if you’ve got miles and miles to cover. they’re pretty good cow ponies too, though I admit I’ve never tried roping from one.

His wife had no problem riding comfortably without looking like she was driving a cart horse.

well, her horse wasn’t acting skittish, either, at least not in the one short video I saw. I’m not about to waste any more time than that on roy moore. 😈

15 Bryan { 12.15.17 at 5:44 pm }

Well, I’ll save it for his campaign for governor of Alabama 👿

16 Kryten42 { 12.15.17 at 9:41 pm }

One the farm as a boy we looked after Clydesdales for the local Dairy. We got on well. I got a dapple grey pony for 10th Birthday just after family sold the farm. Was a gift from the Dairy for taking good care of their Clydesdales. House we had built had a large vacant paddock & old stable right next door (was 2 large house blocks from when a farm had been there & was sold & subdivided), so Grandad bought that as investment & for my pony. 😀

Before the Military, I was talked into going on a Brumby roundup with a group because I was fit, knew bushcraft well & could ride. Was in the Aussie Alps, best wild Brumby’s are there. They are fast, really strong & damned smart! Was a wild couple weeks! Turned out, I was good @ breaking them without being cruel etc. I wasn’t afraid of them, I guess because I’d been raised on a farm & looked after the Clydesdale’s which were 3 times taller than me! 😆

I just fed my charge (he liked apples & carrots which he rarely, if ever, had in the wild and spoke to him calmly & gently so he’d get used to my voice. Didn’t hand feed him until I knew it was safe to get close of course! I like my fingers where they are!) I let him get used to me until I could pat him & brush him… and so on. Patience & attitude win’s with most creatures. 🙂 Turns out Mares are harder to break than a colt! Typical! 😉 😀

I’d love to do that again. But those days are definitely way behind me! Still… I have my memories of those beautiful, proud & amazing horses!

If I listed everything I’ve ever done on a resume… Not only would it be very long, people wouldn’t know what to make of it! 😆

17 Bryan { 12.16.17 at 11:24 am }

The farmer next door to our house in Germany had a Belgium Grey [Max] and I rode him bare back. When Max decided to gallop the neighborhood jumped. After Max other horses looked decidedly small, but lessons learned dealing with Max were just as important when dealing with other horses.

Just the education section of my CV is ridiculously long, and the work experience segment is interesting to say the least. We don’t fit in a Tw-page resume world, Kryten. We have lived.

18 Badtux { 12.16.17 at 4:40 pm }

Sassy is apparently 14. Why am I not surprised?

Here is what a horse person has to say about Roy Moore’s riding: it’s not that he’s incompetent. It’s that he’s cruel. “There is a massive difference between a bad rider and a cruel one. Roy Moore is the latter. Intentionally deaf to his horse’s comfort, gleefully indifferent to her needs.

A typical Republican, in other words.

19 Bryan { 12.16.17 at 8:47 pm }

There is little cogent disagreement that Moore is ‘Old Testament nasty’. He wants to bring back stoning. I am just not used to seeing people riding on a Western saddle using two hands on the reins. He is using the horse for a publicity stunt. Who has to clean up after it? If the horse is skittish in crowds, don’t ride her in crowds.