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December 17, 1903

“Boldly going

Wright Flyer

where no man has gone before.”

The Wright Brothers make the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.


1 Steve Bates { 12.17.17 at 11:22 am }

Wow… forget the Wright flyer; think instead of the GOP crasher! Did you see the ABC panel of political experts just now? At most two Republican women thought this was anything but a crash-and-burn for Trump & Co. It occurs to me to wonder whether the potential outright collapse of the Grand Oil Party could be hazardous to the stabilityy of the nation. What comes next? I am inclined to bend over and kiss our collective a$$es goodbye! Scary sh!t, my friend!

2 Bryan { 12.17.17 at 2:31 pm }

The GOP has a history of dissolving and reforming into a different party. We may end up with the ‘Christian Libertarians’ and the ‘Conservative Corporatists’ to battle with the Democrats. There will be something called the ‘Republican Party’ because the system is rigged to promote Republicans and Democrats to the exclusion of everyone else.

LBJ sliced off the Dixiecrats with civil rights legislation, and Nixon scooped them up with the ‘Southern Strategy’.

3 Badtux { 12.17.17 at 8:01 pm }

If the Wright Brothers flew today, the Republican president would outlaw the words “powered” and “flight” from all reports by his science advisors because if man were intended to fly, God would have given him wings.

4 Bryan { 12.17.17 at 9:01 pm }

Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition!!!

5 Iron City { 12.17.17 at 9:16 pm }

1. A couple weeks after big establishment science in the person of Dr. Langley, the Secretary of the Smithsonian (comparable in those days to NSF and DARPA put together) used $50,000 of the public’s money to build a heavier than air craft that could not fly, didn’t fly, for the second time. He gave up.

2. What is in the water in Ohio? Wasn’t Neil Armstrong from Ohio? I think Wilbur may have been born in Indiana but he grew up in and was from, for all practical purposes, Ohio. We need more Ohio.

6 Bryan { 12.18.17 at 8:53 am }

John Glenn was from Ohio. It would seem people from Ohio tend to do exciting things somewhere else, and go back to enough the tedium [I have family in Ohio].