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You Have To Read The Warnings

People constantly agree to “Terms of Service”, “End-User Licensing Agreements”, credit card agreements, without reading them. How many people have actually read the “FBI warning” on DVDs and video tapes? Badtux has a screen shot of the GSA warning which clearly warns “no expectation of privacy”. If you go on to US military bases and other Federal facilities, you probably ignored the sign that told you that by entering the facility you have waived your Fourth Amendment rights on searches and seizures.

Maybe the Trump transition team should have spent some time reading the documentation they signed to receive all of the equipment and facilities that were provided by the Government Services Administration [GSA]. I’m wondering if the attorneys who are complaining to Congress are the same attorneys who didn’t read the agreements. If the attorneys had anything close to an actual case, they would have gone to court, not Congress.

December 18, 2017   Comments Off on You Have To Read The Warnings