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I’m Still Here

It is hard to type in mittens. While on my winter header graphic I’m wearing brown, in reality my my fuzzy earflap ‘trooper’ hat is black, as is my puffy ski jacket.

I don’t get the uproar over the pending publication of a book that reveals, yet again, that Trump is crackers and panicked about the pending revelations concerning his financial dealings. All of this information has been out there for a long time. Trump’s father had Alzheimer’s, so it is hardly news that he has it. He supposed to have a physical this month, but you can be sure that the results won’t be made public until after he releases his tax returns.

All our computers, pads, and smartphones, even Macs, are going to be affected by flaws in the design of the CPU chips. While the Meltdown problem affects primarily Intel processors, the Spectre defect ‘haunts’ everybody. The patches are coming out, but the real fix is redesigning the chips, which is not going to be easy, cheap, or fast. First you have to visualize the solution, then you create the design to implement your solution in a new chip. The manufacturers have been working on the problem for half a year and no one has indicated they know what to do. In Comments Kryten provides a not absurdly technical link on the problems.

January 4, 2018   7 Comments