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Beware The Falling Iguanas

One of the unique features of freezes that reach South Florida is the risk of being brained by a comatose iguana falling out of a tree. As both Mustang Bobby and the BBC note, the cold-blooded lizards react to freezing temperatures by slowing all of their life processes to a point where they seem to have died. Losing their grip on the trees they live in they fall to the ground. If they warm up in time, they will climb back up their tree leaving the concussed tourists lying on the ground.

January 5, 2018   6 Comments

A Note Of Caution

Meltdown flaw

The Reg introduces a note of caution about the Microsoft patch for the Meltdown problem. You need to determine if your antivirus software is compatible with the patch. If it isnt and you are comfortable with Regedit, you need to make the following change:

Value Name=”cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc”

If the register isn’t changed and the patch is made, be prepared for the BSoD [Blue Screen of Death].

January 5, 2018   2 Comments