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Trump’s Mental State

All of these people want to talk about Trump’s ‘mental state’ and try to diagnose and treat him. I think people need to back up and look at the entire situation.

First you need to find Trump’s mental universe. It obviously isn’t the universe that Einstein and Hawking describe, so we have to locate Trump’s so we can find his mental galaxy. In this personal galaxy we need to pinpoint the relevant star system that includes Trump’s planet. Once you have identified the planet you can drill down through the continent to the country that contains his state.

At this point the state is probably similar to a Mississippi/Kansas hybrid with traces of Idaho. We could just accept that he hasn’t been playing a role for his base, that he really is a whacko. There is never going to be a “pivot” and he is never going actually be “Presidential”, no matter how many talking heads proclaim the metamorphosis has begun.

January 10, 2018   8 Comments