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Trump’s Mental State

All of these people want to talk about Trump’s ‘mental state’ and try to diagnose and treat him. I think people need to back up and look at the entire situation.

First you need to find Trump’s mental universe. It obviously isn’t the universe that Einstein and Hawking describe, so we have to locate Trump’s so we can find his mental galaxy. In this personal galaxy we need to pinpoint the relevant star system that includes Trump’s planet. Once you have identified the planet you can drill down through the continent to the country that contains his state.

At this point the state is probably similar to a Mississippi/Kansas hybrid with traces of Idaho. We could just accept that he hasn’t been playing a role for his base, that he really is a whacko. There is never going to be a “pivot” and he is never going actually be “Presidential”, no matter how many talking heads proclaim the metamorphosis has begun.


1 Kryten42 { 01.11.18 at 1:18 am }

Dotards entire Universe, is a microscopic pocket Universe consisting entirely of Dotard! Dotard, however, sees this microscopic Universe as “huuuuuuger” than our natural, real, Universe. Our Universe and all of creation he believes is encompassed by his imaginary microscopic universe and therefore must bend to his belief’s!

That’s all anyone needs to understand to know Dotard!

2 Badtux { 01.11.18 at 1:34 am }

As America stumbles further towards becoming a continent-sized Guatemala.

At least Guatemala has cool Mayan cities. We have hundreds of Chuck E Cheeses.


3 Bryan { 01.11.18 at 10:21 am }

I really miss my dream of a taqueria on every corner. Hillary would have won if she had gone with that slogan. Dos burritos combinacion y una cerveza XX that’s a lunch that would end an afternoon meeting early. Good times with good food in San Diego.

Your description, Kryten, sort of reminds me of Sir Terry’s Sourcery – just a milky marble he keeps in his pocket – the only one he has left… 😈

4 Kryten42 { 01.11.18 at 8:52 pm }

Ahhh, well… After spending decades avidly reading the Diskworld series & others (Truckers etc.) And as a great lover of irony & satire… It’s only natural that some of it rubbed off on me! Maybe more than some. 😉 😆

Anyway… you KNOW I’m right about Dotard! Seen the latest insult? He’s refusing to travel to hot zones to honor the troops. Well DUH! A. He’s an abject coward. B. The only one he believes deserves any honoring is himself!

5 Bryan { 01.11.18 at 9:58 pm }

One of the “Hot Zones” is London 😆 The Secretary of State is going to Britain instead of Trump because of the threat of massive demonstrations … and that’s just Parliament. [rimshot!] I suspect others will probably decide to get involved at some point if he showed up.

6 Kryten42 { 01.11.18 at 11:59 pm }

Yes, I read about London. He won’t be invited to the Wedding either. Awwww. 😆

And this:
Members of Congress Just Voted to Give the Trump Administration Greater Spy Powers

What could possibly go wrong? *shrug*

But this is an “About bloody time!” piece:

Democrats take off the gloves on the Russia probe en masse—it’s war

7 Kryten42 { 01.12.18 at 4:53 am }

So… privatization strikes again!

Puerto Rico Governor Asks DOJ To Investigate Island’s Public Power Utility

Years ago, I may have said “unbelievable”! Now… No, not at all. If I’d use any one word now… it’d be “normal”. *shrug*

8 Bryan { 01.12.18 at 8:13 pm }

The House of Representatives voted to reauthorize the existing surveillance law which expires every five or six years. I don’t know that the Senate even has the bill on its table. This was the law used to discover that the Trump campaign was having contact with the
Russians, so there is a bit of a dilemma for Trump.

Republicans are blocking any real Congressional investigation into Trump and Russia, so the Democrats have finally accepted that there is nothing to be gained by ‘playing nice’.

The Puerto Rico Electric Company has been a disaster for a very long time and the hurricanes just made its problems obvious. They should try to rebuild the centralized grid they had, they should create local systems built around the population points and renewable energy sources. Trump’s FEMA will screw things up, just like Congress that just passed tax laws that treat Puerto Rico like a foreign country on impose import tariffs on the products made there. SNAFU