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They Had Nothing

Two weeks of constant hype, secrets revealed about the FISA court process, and the heralded memo is just as empty as Nunes’s head. Nunes didn’t read the background information that the memo was supposedly based on, so he had no idea how hollow the claims were.

It is very possible that Mueller has no interest in Carter Page, as he was under investigation years before he became a member of team Trump. The memo provides no actual proof that either the FBI or the Department of Justice did anything wrong, just hearsay and gossip rather than actual facts. A typical Republican response in their agitprop campaigns.

Trump is attacking his DoJ and his FBI. BTW, Nunes said that he was recusing himself from the Russia investigation because he was on Trump’s transition team.If you are looking for bias, that would be a good place to start… 😈

February 3, 2018   4 Comments