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They Had Nothing

Two weeks of constant hype, secrets revealed about the FISA court process, and the heralded memo is just as empty as Nunes’s head. Nunes didn’t read the background information that the memo was supposedly based on, so he had no idea how hollow the claims were.

It is very possible that Mueller has no interest in Carter Page, as he was under investigation years before he became a member of team Trump. The memo provides no actual proof that either the FBI or the Department of Justice did anything wrong, just hearsay and gossip rather than actual facts. A typical Republican response in their agitprop campaigns.

Trump is attacking his DoJ and his FBI. BTW, Nunes said that he was recusing himself from the Russia investigation because he was on Trump’s transition team.If you are looking for bias, that would be a good place to start… 😈


1 Badtux { 02.04.18 at 9:14 pm }

Apparently the evidence of malfeasance is that the FBI got a FISA warrant to bug Carter Page based on information in the Steele dossier. Now, a tip from the general public that criminal activities are happening is more than enough to get a warrant in *any* court in this country, not just FISA court, but apparently Hillary Clinton Barack Obama MAGA MAGA MAGA gazpacho. Or something.

2 Bryan { 02.05.18 at 10:54 am }

The rules for the FISA court are stricter than regular warrants and they require more than a single source. Further, every renewal of a FISA warrant requires proof that the warrant is providing relevant information, so the dossier may have been part of one of those steps, but it had no impact on the other three.

The memo reveals Carter Page as the target of a FISA warrant and Christopher Steele as a source, which is classified information. FISA warrants are supposed to remain secret to protect sources, but also to protect targets should the warrant provide no evidence of criminal activity. By identifying Page as a target, they have warned everyone who was involved with Page, and interfered with an counter-intelligence investigation.

3 Kryten42 { 02.10.18 at 1:14 am }

Agree with you Bryan. I think Mueller’s biggest problem will be who to charge with what! He certainly has a lot of both!

Here’s a (belated) update on the US DNC Hack, from a Dutch News source, Jan 25th. Dutch intel agency, AIVD, watched the hack & warned their US counterparts as it happened.

Dutch agencies provide crucial intel about Russia’s interference in US-elections

Also from WaPo:

The Dutch were a secret U.S. ally in war against Russian hackers, local media reveal

4 Bryan { 02.11.18 at 5:09 pm }

It looks like elected Republicans are the only people left of the planet that don’t know/admit the the Russians are hacking elections. There are so many different independent sources for the hacks that the reports have blown through all of the normal stages for intelligence to a new plateau of truth. I have higher confidence in the reality of Russian election hacking than I do in the name of the street in front of my house which is only referenced a few records going back less than 100 years.