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Hits & Misses

Jared Kushner has finally been given an appropriate security clearance, Secret, which is the same as the White House cleaning staff [inadvertent exposure, i,e, they might find classified material in the trash]. Huge debts and the inability to fill out the clearance forms in a timely and complete manner pretty much guaranteed that no one would sign off on a Top Secret clearance.

NSA & Cyber Command are still waiting for permission to take action against the Russian assaults on our elections.

Congress has admitted [OK, Ryan and McConnell have decided] that nothing can be done about guns so it is time to move on.The solution is simple – dump Republicans.

Instead of banning AR-15s Congress could make .223 ammo military and law enforcement critical and ban selling it to civilians.

NRAtv should be banned as pornographic: it appeals to the prurient interests of a fetish group and has no redeeming social value.

February 27, 2018   Comments Off on Hits & Misses