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More Hits & Misses

A Susie Madrak post at Crooks & Liars is the first place I saw this: Dick’s Sporting Goods Announces It Has Stopped Selling Assault Rifles. It counts as a “Hit”, but not for the reason the headline indicates. Dick’s stopped selling them at their flagship stores after Sandy Hook. They extended the ban corporate wide, including their Field and Stream stores that had continued to carry the weapons.. They got rattled because they discovered they sold Cruz a shotgun. The local store that sold Cruz the weapon he used has been closed for weeks with no indication if or when it will reopen.

The real story is the legislative agenda that Dick’s has endorsed – a ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and bump stocks; fixes to the background check system including elimination of the prevate sale and gun show exemptions. Having a major sports equipment retailer backing reform is a serious boost to the efforts of the Parkland students.

Update: Now Walmart has raised the age to 21 to buy ammo or weapons.

As for Misses, Miss Hope Hicks will be missed at the White House as she has resigned her position as Communications Director to spend more time with her attorneys. This was after she spent the day before a Congressional committee and has the merry souls of the Mueller team to look forward to in the near future.

February 28, 2018   14 Comments