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More Hits & Misses

A Susie Madrak post at Crooks & Liars is the first place I saw this: Dick’s Sporting Goods Announces It Has Stopped Selling Assault Rifles. It counts as a “Hit”, but not for the reason the headline indicates. Dick’s stopped selling them at their flagship stores after Sandy Hook. They extended the ban corporate wide, including their Field and Stream stores that had continued to carry the weapons.. They got rattled because they discovered they sold Cruz a shotgun. The local store that sold Cruz the weapon he used has been closed for weeks with no indication if or when it will reopen.

The real story is the legislative agenda that Dick’s has endorsed – a ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and bump stocks; fixes to the background check system including elimination of the prevate sale and gun show exemptions. Having a major sports equipment retailer backing reform is a serious boost to the efforts of the Parkland students.

Update: Now Walmart has raised the age to 21 to buy ammo or weapons.

As for Misses, Miss Hope Hicks will be missed at the White House as she has resigned her position as Communications Director to spend more time with her attorneys. This was after she spent the day before a Congressional committee and has the merry souls of the Mueller team to look forward to in the near future.


1 Kryten42 { 03.01.18 at 5:06 am }

Good timing! I posted a tweet about DICK’S & Hicks (Ooooh! “He’s a poet & didn’t knowet” 😉 ) yesterday. Companies are starting to realize things need to change. GOP & NRA… not so much!

“I call shenanigans on the white lie admission! She knowingly told complete porkies! She knows she’s in Mueller’s crosshairs now. Probably why her sudden decision to quit. I don’t feel the tiniest bit sad for her. Expect a subpoena.👎🏾👋🏾”

This was my best laugh of the day!

NRA on Trump meeting: Great TV, but ‘bad policy’

“Well, well! If the NRA are pissed at their boy… then he must have (probably inadvertently) done or said something right… or almost right.

There really is a first time for everything!😂”

Annnnd… Harpers Bazaar are supporting the kids, invited Emma to write a really good piece. She has a heck of a future! My favorite quote (from many!)

“We are children who are being expected to act like adults, while the adults are proving themselves to behave like children”

Parkland Student Emma González Opens Up About Her Fight for Gun Control

I see the Florida legislature are planning to go ahead with legislation to arm teachers. I’m sure that will go down well. *shrug*

2 Bryan { 03.01.18 at 12:03 pm }

And the little children (and corporations) shall lead them….

Individual counties in Florida had already armed teachers. Generally they were rural counties. The cities won’t do it. School districts usually partner with the Sheriff to put resource officers on the campuses. You need rifles and decent body armor to act as a deterrent.

Nothing that Trump says is valid beyond the meeting where he says it. The White House will, no doubt, issue a press release at some point explaining that Trump didn’t really say what you thought you heard.

Hope Hicks is in deep yogurt. She was present at some of the meetings that go directly to Trump’s involvement with the Russian meddling. She has already had an interview, but Mueller’s people have since interviewed others whose recollections probably don’t match what she told the investigation. She needs to realize what kind of jeopardy she has put herself in by covering for Trump.

Wingers have been calling Emma a communist which ignores the fact that her parents left Cuba under Castro and are very probably registered Republicans. She is dealing with being a gay high school student who has survived her first fire fight and is doing a damn fine job. The students are indeed the adults while the politicians are childish.

3 Kryten42 { 03.01.18 at 4:55 pm }

I came across this article & I suspect it’s correct about what Mueller is doing & why. Well researched I think.

Russia “Previewed” Plan to Disseminate Emails with Trump Campaign – And how that’s legally significant

I meant to post this a few days ago… I don’t think I did… Did I? From The Palmer report:

Confirmed: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner caught in Robert Mueller’s legal crosshairs

4 Bryan { 03.01.18 at 7:36 pm }

Mueller is known and feared for being meticulous in his investigations. He follows every lead, not just the most likely ones and pursues any crimes he discovers. People will have a hard time believing it, but his investigation is moving at breakneck speed. Along the way Mueller’s indictments are telling the American people what happened with a lot of detail. He never thought he would be able to arrest the Russian actors, but he wanted people to know that he had a case against them.

The Trump & Kushner organizations are sweating bullets about the Mueller investigation because he is going to know way too much about their financial dealings for any of them to rest easy at night. I think Trump eats at KFC and McDonalds because that’s what he can afford. He has stiffed so many people that he can’t get a decent lawyer or run a tab at a restaurant.

5 Kryten42 { 03.01.18 at 8:04 pm }

😆 Funny you mentioning Dotard can’t afford to eat well… A couple days ago in response to this:

“When I was told this morning that Trump announced a 2020 campaign manager, I said, “Trump needs more money right now.” Turns out, in Delaware (where shell cos are legal) Trump started a new legal defense fund. Good news for the base enables donations. I see right through Trump.”

(the shell company was called: Patriot Legal Expense Fund Trust, LLC)

I posted this:

“1. Trump has very little liquidity. His assets are mostly owned by Banks & Financiers – mortgages. So forget getting a loan on any good terms!
2. No Criminal Attorney in the US trusts him an inch! He’s stiffed many on payments. He’d have to pay a huge fee up-front to be represented!”

I just came across this interesting article that may explain some things:
Trump Medical Records Show Worrisome Addiction to Drug

Oh! This… I really like Sen. Feinstein! US needs more like her! We do too. *sigh*

Watch Feinstein react to Trump’s gun proposal

And the fun continues! 😉 😆

6 Bryan { 03.01.18 at 9:43 pm }

Trump’s financial condition is as bad as his physical condition. He take cholesterol medication and is obese [it is obvious when he goes golfing]. Hell, Diet Coke can make people squirrely, it doesn’t require amphetamines. He got shipped off to military school because of behavior problems, so his issues are not of recent vintage. He is an entitled schmuck who isn’t nearly as smart or rich as he would have people believe.

Yes, he has launched his campaign because that allows him to accept money. He needs it for his legal fees and is using that newly created entity to supposedly help his staffers with their legal bills. I’ll believe that when I see it.

I had several clients in California who were millionaires. Only one of then, a very nice lady who owned oil wells picked up a lunch tab. I got stuck with the bill for the rest if I couldn’t avoid going to lunch with them. Most of them don’t carry wallets.

7 Kryten42 { 03.02.18 at 9:28 pm }

I don’t know if you ever watched the TV series Gotham. It had a batshit insane nuthouse called Arkham Asylum. I believe the creators used it as a metaphor for the USA.

Oklahoma school district installs bulletproof shelters in elementary school classrooms

So now, children in Schools are supposed to grow up in abject fear & the knowledge that insane people want to kill them and US federal/State governments don’t give a f*ck! The USA is going to need a hell of a lot more shrinks for all those kids that will need therapy for a long time! NRA/GOP must have a lot of shrinks on the payroll, maybe that’s how they plan to make a killing!

8 Bryan { 03.03.18 at 9:41 am }

Oklahoma schools need tornado shelters, not bullet-proof shelters. They have a lot more deaths and injuries from tornadoes hitting schools than shooters. It’s like the tourists who won’t swim in the Gulf because of sharks, but will play golf when there are thunderstorms in the area. You are many times more likely to get hit by lightning than bit by a shark in Florida, but fears aren’t reasonable.

9 Badtux { 03.06.18 at 2:06 am }

What annoys me is that the kids are criticized for not producing “realistic” proposals. Excuse me? They’re kids. They’re supposed to be being kids, it’s grownups who are supposed to be solving the problems of the world. Emma’s statement was indeed quite appropriate that the adults are acting like irresponsible children rather than doing what they know needs done.

Oklahoma’s teachers are about to solve their school shooting problem a different way: they’re sick of low wages and the Legislature just refused to raise their pay, so Oklahoma teachers are talking about a wildcat strike. Because if the schools are closed because the teachers are on strike, well, obviously there won’t be school shootings, right?

10 Bryan { 03.06.18 at 6:54 am }

There is nothing ‘unrealistic’ in what they are proposing. What is unrealistic is the way in which the Florida legislature does whatever Mirion Hammer tells them to do. The Florida legislature is a part-time job, a 60-day annual session, and is term-limited. If you do your job you can only serve 4 years in the house and possibly 4 years in the senate.

More and more teachers are faced with the choice of striking or leaving to make a living. Working at Malwart or McDonalds is a better economic choice than working as a substitute in the Okaloosa County district.

11 Badtux { 03.06.18 at 11:31 am }

A substitute in Okaloosa County make $8.33/hour if I’m calculating right. That’s pretty bad. Only barely above minimum wage for dealing with disrespectful disorderly people all day? Ugh.

Oklahoma teachers aren’t *that* bad off. But they’re tired of the constant disrespect and the fact that they’re always last in line. This is the culmination of a lot of frustrations over the years.

12 Kryten42 { 03.06.18 at 12:04 pm }

Then, there are *teachers* like this one! Teacher Dayanna Volitich suggests on her podcast that other white nationalists should become teachers & infiltrate schools.

After a lengthy petition to the School principal & board, plus serious threats from parents to remove their children, the School finally did… something. Though, she’s still there officially.

Exclusive: Florida Public School Teacher Has A White Nationalist Podcast

I’d bet there are others. Like pedophiles, you don’t usually know they’re there until it’s too late.

13 Bryan { 03.06.18 at 12:05 pm }

Malwart pays $10 and McD’s pays $11 in Destin. You don’t get benefits with any of them, so what’s the point of teaching? If you get a full-time job in the school district things get a lot better, at least as far as health insurance and retirement go, but you don’t have any job security guarantee. If you want real money become a plumber…

14 Bryan { 03.06.18 at 12:08 pm }

Hey, Kryten, if it wasn’t for the outside agitators, nothing would have been done about her. In my life the KKK was quite busy in the Panhandle and included law enforcement, teachers, and other public employees.