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Iditarod 2018 – Day 8

Iditarod 2018 MapSled DogWe are now on Daylight Saving Time and headed for the coast. Joar and Mitch are cutting rest to reduce Nicolas’ lead by an hour. That might work in the short term, but it also reduces rest for the puppies and it’s still a long way to Nome.

By being the first to Kaltag, Nicolas picked up 25 pounds of salmon and $2000. Nicolas is first to the coast.

Standings at 9:00PM CDT:

At Unalakleet
1 Nicolas Petit (46)
Beyond Kaltag
2 Joar Leifseth Ulsom (33)
3 Mitch Seavey (13)
4 Richie Diehl (29)
5 Peter Kaiser (30)
6 Ray Redington Jr (17)
7 Wade Marrs (11)
8 Matthew Failor (55)
9 Travis Beals (60)
10 Matt Hall (15)Q
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