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The Attorney Search

Comrad Misfit has the screen shot, but it’s easier to read at Crooks & Liars: Craigslist DC Ad Seeks Lawyer For Trump.

The ad has since been taken down, but it highlights a real problem: the Mueller probe has absorbed all of the available lawyers willing to work on the problem, and most of them have been hired by witnesses. You can’t represent a witness and someone who may be affected by that person’s testimony. This was the reason that Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing couldn’t work for Trump.


1 Badtux { 03.28.18 at 1:31 am }

This is frickin’ hilarious. By the end of it Trump isn’t even gonna be able to call Saul to be his lawyer, ’cause Saul wouldn’t take him on as a client.

2 shirt { 03.28.18 at 9:14 am }

And according to Rachel Maddow, The special Advisor to the president has hired a lawyer before his father-in-law. Paraphrasing the Incredible Hulk; Puny advisor!

The lesson of Lesin: the Russians play rough!

3 Bryan { 03.28.18 at 1:24 pm }

Representing Trump is the road to infamy and poverty. He doesn’t listen, won’t shut up, and thinks he knows more than anyone else. He doesn’t pay people and everyone knows it.

OJ Simpson could get a world class defense team who got him off, and Trump is trolling for the bottom of the class who are making their money flipping burgers while waiting for a case to come along.

4 Badtux { 03.30.18 at 2:08 am }

They called Saul! Trump’s new lead counsel is a real scumbag and scam artist. In short, the protagonist of “Better Call Saul” in the flesh. Heh.

If this is the best he can get — an ambulance chaser from Georgia — he’s in trouble.

5 Bryan { 03.30.18 at 5:28 pm }

They pulled him in out of retirement. He didn’t just study medieval history, he lived it. He prosecutes murder cases as a contractor? Is he on a contingency with more money if the sentence is death? I can’t picture a Southern DA turning a murder case over to someone else. Normally those are the cases that help DAs get elected to higher office.

The guy is a prosecutor and Trump needs a defense attorney.