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Legal Problems

A lot of people seem to think that Trump is getting ready to fire Mueller. Of course he can’t personally fire Mueller, and would have to order Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein to do it. If Rosenstein refused, Trump would have to start firing people in the Department of Justice chain of command until he found someone willing to do it.

Why he would want to do it at this point doesn’t make a lot of sense to me as he can get an almost indefinite delay as he tries to find legal representation. He can’t get a public defender, so any proceedings would be on hold until he can’t find a qualified lawyer.

My wild guess as to why Trump has said nothing about Stormy Daniels when he had no problem attacking the Pope is that he doesn’t want to get hit with another defamation law suit. The easiest way to make Stormy Daniels go away is to drop the NDA. I seriously doubt he or Michael Cohen want to do that as there are probably other similar NDAs out there that might decide to hire Michael Avenatti.

March 28, 2018   2 Comments