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They Don’t Learn

Faux News talking head Laura Ingraham decided to give David Hogg a hard time. David has been turned down by several universities, despite having a 4+ GPA. It was a major mistake on Ingraham’s part.

First she got a talking to from David’s little sister who told her to try acting like an adult. Then David posted a list of Ingraham’s advertisers and suggested people call them. This is a technique refined by Spocko to deal with media bullies. Surprise, Ms Ingraham decided to apologize “because it was Holy Week”. David wasn’t buying it, and didn’t back down on his campaign.

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt applauded David’s courage in counterattacking, noting that most GOP politicians hide when someone on Faux News bad-mouths them. Schmidt makes the point that after you have survived a fire fight, snide remarks don’t have much effect.

March 29, 2018   14 Comments