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Senior Moment

I admit that there have been momentary glitches when I try to remember what Chrysler push-button automatic transmissions were called [Torqueflite] or GM limited slip differentials [Positraction], but how in the hell to you forget the name of the US Presidential residence – it is a White House.

Drumpf’s performance on the Truman balcony to start the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll would seem to be nonsense to the children and make their parents uneasy. I do wonder who they got to play the Easter Bunny since Sean Spicer is no longer available?

Is someone, like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, going to explain to Trump why you can’t just order the regular military to enforce laws within the United States [see Posse Comitatus Act]. There is plenty of time – the ‘caravan’ crossed into Mexico from Guatemala, and it’s more than 2000 miles to the US border. It will take months for people walking, as is the case for this group of mostly Honduran refugees.

April 3, 2018   2 Comments