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Senior Moment

I admit that there have been momentary glitches when I try to remember what Chrysler push-button automatic transmissions were called [Torqueflite] or GM limited slip differentials [Positraction], but how in the hell to you forget the name of the US Presidential residence – it is a White House.

Drumpf’s performance on the Truman balcony to start the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll would seem to be nonsense to the children and make their parents uneasy. I do wonder who they got to play the Easter Bunny since Sean Spicer is no longer available?

Is someone, like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, going to explain to Trump why you can’t just order the regular military to enforce laws within the United States [see Posse Comitatus Act]. There is plenty of time – the ‘caravan’ crossed into Mexico from Guatemala, and it’s more than 2000 miles to the US border. It will take months for people walking, as is the case for this group of mostly Honduran refugees.


1 Badtux { 04.04.18 at 2:38 am }

It turns out that the “caravan” is a yearly occurrence that goes a couple hundred miles into Mexico, turns around, and goes back as a political statement on immigration and on conditions in Honduras. The vast majority of these people are walking back to Honduras as we speak. Some peeled off and are applying for asylum — in Mexico. And a relatively small group got into trucks and is headed for the US border. But the fact that El Jefe can’t tell the difference between a political demonstration like the March On Washington and an actual threat to US border security is telling, though not surprising.

That Easter Bunny’s expression was almost identical to Donald Trump’s. Except for the eyes. He looked terrified. Trump merely looks constipated.

MSNBC threw some shade here. They published a photo of Trump standing beside the Easter Bunny, and under it printed, “The President (on the left) gave a statement to children gathered on the White House lawn.” Good to know that the President is the orange-hued man on the left, not the frightened-looking Easter Bunny on the right :).

2 Bryan { 04.04.18 at 2:35 pm }

What happens is that the the vast majority of Central Americans who try to reach the US through Mexico are victimized in Mexico and don’t make it.

There are fewer people trying to get across the border than ever and the US farmers are worried about being able to raise and bring in their crops without the migrant labor force. Obama was already deporting more undocumented people than any President in the last 50 years, but he didn’t make a big deal out of it. Obama targeted criminals and didn’t waste resources on those who were peaceful and didn’t cause any trouble. We have had negative undocumented migration numbers since Drumpf was elected* because he was so hostile. In one speech he touts the reduction, in the next he has people flooding in. WTF You can’t have it both ways.

While Trump keeps focusing on the “Wall” the drug runners are buying and building boats. I live in an area that has been home to pirates, rum runners, and drug runners. It isn’t all that rare to find bags of filled with marijuana or cocaine washing ashore or floating in the Gulf. The same thing happens up and down the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

The caption was pretty funny, as was the body language of the ‘Easter Bunny’ and Melania.