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I’m Back

I can’t avoid the disaster that is Drumpf any longer. He has violated the treaty with Iran that had stopped their possible nuclear weapons program. Like the ACA/Obamacare repeal attempt he dumped something that was working without having anything to replace it. He says that he will negotiate a “better deal”. I want to see some evidence that he has ever negotiated an adequate deal. A half dozen bankruptcies doesn’t fill me with confidence that he can successfully negotiate a Dollar Store checkout line.

For all of the clowns complaining about the money given to Iran after the deal was signed: if you knew what you were talking about, you would know that those funds belonged to Iran and had been frozen by the US.

Naturally the price of gas has jumped up as it always does when there is increased tension in the Persian Gulf. The Trump administration should have prepared for that. Rex Tillerson would have known that, but it wouldn’t occur to a real estate developer.

Unilaterally refusing to honor an agreement on nuclear weapons with Iran will certainly make North Korea decide to go for the ‘photo op’ with the “President of the United States”, but no further. Actions have consequences.

May 9, 2018   2 Comments