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I’m Too Old For This Crap

Drumpf and Sarah Sanders are having a hissy fit that someone leaked the crude comments about John McCain in a staff meeting. They aren’t apparently upset about the comments, just the fact that they were leaked. There has been no apology and no known action taken against the individual who made the comments. As a matter of fact the crude low-life who made the comment is being portrayed as a ‘victim’ of the leak.


MCGA (Make China Great Again)

US President Donald Trump has said he wants to help save ZTE, one of China’s biggest telecoms companies.

The firm has suspended operations after the commerce department last month banned US companies from selling it components for seven years.

ZTE pleaded guilty to making illegal shipments to Iran and North Korea.

Mr Trump tweeted that he was working with President Xi to ensure ZTE would get back into business fast, saying too many jobs in China were at risk.

ZTE violated US export laws designed to protect US national security, which Drumpf apparently feels is less important than a possible trade deal with China with his name on it. 👿

May 14, 2018   13 Comments