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Enough Is Enough

When the notification appeared that there was an update for Windows 10, there was no warning that after installing this update your stable, reliable in-house network would no longer function as you are accustomed to using it, and make it worthless to you.

The latest update for Windows 10 eliminates the HomeGroup. You have to have the complete name [computer\directory\file name] of any file you are looking for to access it. You can no longer browse your shared directories.

The last reason I had for continuing with the Windows 10 “experiment”, connectivity, is now gone, and I will be removing everything of interest on the disk and installing Ubuntu Mate. I don’t know why they did it, and don’t care. When the support for Windows 7 ends, so does Windows on my machines.

I’m dealing with a number of other issues at the moment and this was one aggravation too many…


1 Kryten42 { 05.23.18 at 4:00 am }

Sadly, I hear that! I can’t access my NAS via iSCSI on W10 at all now. Only via CentOS.

Unfortunately, I can’t just dump W10. I sure do wish I could! 🙁

I expect it to get worse. Two new variants of Spectre have been uncovered. Intel/AMD/MS have announced more patches.

The fun continues. *shrug*

2 Bryan { 05.23.18 at 9:17 am }

M$ sucks at backwards compatibility. They suck at consistency. There is no long-term model. I would hate to be the administrator for a newtwork of any size attempting to keep it up and running under Windows. Every update has been an existential threat. The M$ track record is why so many institutions are still on XP – administrators are tired of dealing with the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ and all of the kvetching from their users.

Windows 10 has been taking up space on my largest machine and it is time for it to go.

3 Kryten42 { 05.25.18 at 2:54 am }

I just realised I should have put the comment I just made on “Status Report” thread here! Doh!

“I’ve had enough with W10 to the point where I just bought an upgrade to my VMware Workstation Pro 12 (linux), to v14.1.2. I got a nice discount from my fave Corp. reseller (where I got my W10 LTSB keys & NAS/Network gear). AU$179. I’ll run it on CentOS & run W10 & W7. They have improved it a great deal performance wise. They gave me a 90-day guarantee that if it has any problems with what I need from Win, they’ll give me a full refund. I guess I’ll find out. 😀”

Basically, I can use CentOS for all my networking & hardware management, and W10/7 for the only things they are almost good for… Games! And a few App’s that have no real linux equivalents yet. 😉 🙄 *sigh*

4 Bryan { 05.25.18 at 5:27 pm }

As more and more people put Windows in virtual, rather than real partitions, more and more people will realize how worthless it is.

5 Kryten42 { 05.25.18 at 9:16 pm }

I was thinking last night that I really don’t need an enterprise grade linux now. Just that I am used to CentOS. Been using it since V4 a decade ago. I used to enjoy playing with the Mint varieties. I think I’ll check them out again. Been awhile. It was one reason I bought that external Thunderbolt SSD. So I could play with Linux or versions of Win. I did put Win10 on it but it just confirmed that iSCSI does not work on the latest release, and other issues! So, VM it is. I’ll set all that up later today. After I get all my internet stuff done.

Speaking of… It still drop’s out often. No resolution after almost 3 weeks. I demanded a refund yesterday. *shrug*

Telstra lost the entire Aus. Mobile Network for the 2nd time in a month. they are blaming a software glitch. They must be using W10!! The first they claimed was due to a lightening strike. 🙄 1 lightening strike took out the entire network?? What is wrong with that picture!

The truth is that Telstra skimp on failsafes and redundancies across their entire network, including infrastructure. For decades, every Aussie with a landline has paid $20-$30/mth “line rental” fee that was supposed to be used for legislated infrastructure spending. Obviously, not.

Redundancy failure: Software fault triggered Telstra 4G meltdown

Telstra (and previously, Telecom Australia when partially privatized) have always been cheep bastards @ a premium price!

6 Bryan { 05.25.18 at 9:31 pm }

I’m interested in Mint, Mate, and the new Ubuntu, but I want to keep Win10 off to the side. Now I’m looking for some software utilities to move stuff and create bootable DVDs.

Public utilities do preventive maintenance, after being privatized, things have to break before they are fixed. I understand that the outage meant officials couldn’t track those wearing tracking anklets. That isn’t very comforting.