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Invest 90L is becoming more organized and is forecast to be a sub-tropical or tropical depression over the weekend.

After spending more than $200 over the course of several months I was finally able to satisfy all of the absurd requirements of obtaining my Florida driver’s license that complies with the requirements of the RealID law. I have located my original “Certificate of Birth Registration” that is so fragile that it is subject to actually breaking if you aren’t careful and my original Social Security card, but the Certificate doesn’t have an impressed seal and the design of the Social Security card has changed, so I had to get new ones – a process that cost over $100 and took 2½ months (much of the expense was for ‘expedited handling’ and ‘next day shipping’).

Republicans don’t raise taxes, unless they call them fees so that they are free to double or triple them. 😈

Drumpf cancelled his summit after the North Koreans took umbrage over the threats from John Bolton and Mike Pence. Apparently the current administration isn’t aware of the diplomatic custom of not threatening to nuke people you are attempting to negotiate with. We are still waiting for Drumpf to actually sign a deal with anybody over anything… [Note: it is highly unlikely that the Trump-Kim ‘challenge coins’ will be delivered, or that there will be refunds for those who ordered them.]

May 24, 2018   7 Comments