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So Much Crazy

Over at Crooks & Liars Juanita Jean is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Trump Thinks ‘Texas People Went Out In Their Boats’ To ‘Watch’ Hurricane Harvey.

Trump has seen videos of volunteers rescuing people from the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, and thinks they all got in their boats to experience the hurricane “al fresco”. The man knows nothing about anything.


Continuing with the theme of willful ignorance, Velshi & Ruhle Slam Betsy Devos Studying School Safety But Not Guns.

As Secretary of Education she thinks you can have a commission on school safety that completely ignores the number one cause of death in US schools – people with guns. I’m not saying that the under-funding of facility maintenance isn’t a concern, but getting shot is pretty much the number one concern of students.


Digby reports that Poor Nikki Haley, all alone in the world.

Ms Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, tried to get a Trump administration resolution on passed that would whitewash the conduct of Israel towards Gaza and no one else would vote for it. This is the worst defeat of any effort by the US at the UN ever.

June 6, 2018   3 Comments