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Where’s Rod Serling?

For younger people, Rod Serling was the host, writer, creator of an early television anthology show called The Twilight Zone. The common thread for the individual episodes was that nothing was what you assumed it was.

The recent actions of Trumplethinskin trying to get the other members of the G7 to readmit Russia really does not fit the reality that his own Treasury Department was getting ready to hit five Russian firms with sanctions, citing cyberattacks.

Then he attacks Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, for disagreeing with the tariffs that Trump decided to impose on the other members of the G7. The NDP opposition party in the Canadian parliament introduced a motion and MPs united to condemn Trump’s tariffs and verbal attacks.

Of course the real reason that Trump flipped was the picture released by the German government showing Angela Merkel possibly telling Trump that he would only be permitted spoons and siipy cups at future G7 meetings, and the spoons would be rubber coated. He had to attack Trudeau, because he’s afraid of Merkel.

June 11, 2018   14 Comments