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It’s A Con

Trump has bought some time and reduced the pressure on the White House with his latest Executive Order. He has not altered the policy of wasting time and money on arresting everyone who is considered an illegal border crosser, only the method of holding them, i.e. families will now be held as a unit, instead of being separated.

It doesn’t appear that the thousands of children that have already been separated will be returned to their parents, nor is it clear that the government can do that even if they want to as there is no system in place designed to facilitate that. It might require DNA testing to pair children with their parents, and those resources aren’t currently available.

It seems that the aversion DHS Secretary Neilsen has to the word “policy” is because her agency is being sued by a woman who wants her child returned. Homeland Security has apparently already denied the existence of any “policy” in its court filings.

June 20, 2018   17 Comments