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The Insanity Continues

A woman from France visiting her mom in B.C. says U.S. Border Patrol held her for crossing into Blaine, Washington. A French citizen visiting her mother in British Columbia, Canada was detained by the US Border Patrol for illegally entering the US as she jogged on a beach. There are no barriers or signs indicating there is a border of any kind on the beach, but the woman was held for two weeks in a detention facility in Tacoma, Washington while her mother got clearance from Canadian officials to accept the “illegal alien” back into Canada.

They spotted her on CCTV. Why don’t they have a speaker on the camera to warn people about crossing the border instead of wasting time and money sending the Border Patrol out to pick her up and detain her.

The US-Canadian border is about 5,500 miles long with a minimum of man-made or natural barriers to indicate there is a border. The Haskell Free Library and Opera House was required to add a painted line cutting through the building to accommodate US paranoia/xenophobia.

For the majority of the 2,000 mile southern border there are natural barriers that indicate you are crossing a border.

June 24, 2018   2 Comments