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I spend way too much time dealing with eye drops, but the surgery was apparently successful as I now see much better without glasses than I have for years with glasses.

Unfortunately what I’m reading is that Trump still refusing to admit that he didn’t get a deal with North Korea, all he got was a photo op. He did things backwards which dooms the negotiations. Kim is the only one who can make decisions and he won’t talk to anyone other than Trump after Singapore. This is something Trump would know if he had a allowed a seasoned Asia specialist brief him. The North Koreans won’t denuclearize until the US does, and maybe not even than.

To make matters worse, Trump as started a trade war with China, so Xi has no reason to help Trump out. As a matter of fact, Trump’s treatment of NATO and the EU pretty much guarantees that the world will ignore US sanctions.

On the abducted children front – if DHS had kidnapped the kids, they would have had a method of connecting the parents and children, so the charge should be human trafficking and people should go to prison.

July 10, 2018   4 Comments

Hurricane Chris – Day 5

Hurricane ChrisPosition: 34.2N 71.4W [10PM CDT 0300 UTC].
Movement: Northeast [050°] near 10 mph [17 kph].
Maximum sustained winds: 105 mph [165 kph].
Wind Gusts: 120 mph [190 kph].
Tropical Storm Wind Radius: 90 miles [150 km].
Hurricane Wind Radius: 25 miles [ 35 km].
Minimum central pressure: 970 mb ↓.

Currently about 245 miles [ 390 km] East-Southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Here’s the link for NOAA’s latest satellite images.

[For the latest information click on the storm symbol, or go to the CATEGORIES drop-down box below the CALENDAR and select “Hurricanes” for all of the posts related to storms on this site.]

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