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I spend way too much time dealing with eye drops, but the surgery was apparently successful as I now see much better without glasses than I have for years with glasses.

Unfortunately what I’m reading is that Trump still refusing to admit that he didn’t get a deal with North Korea, all he got was a photo op. He did things backwards which dooms the negotiations. Kim is the only one who can make decisions and he won’t talk to anyone other than Trump after Singapore. This is something Trump would know if he had a allowed a seasoned Asia specialist brief him. The North Koreans won’t denuclearize until the US does, and maybe not even than.

To make matters worse, Trump as started a trade war with China, so Xi has no reason to help Trump out. As a matter of fact, Trump’s treatment of NATO and the EU pretty much guarantees that the world will ignore US sanctions.

On the abducted children front – if DHS had kidnapped the kids, they would have had a method of connecting the parents and children, so the charge should be human trafficking and people should go to prison.


1 Badtux { 07.11.18 at 7:01 pm }

It’s even worse than that. New reporting is that HHS is forcing parents to pay for DNA testing to prove that they are the parent of the child — even though the Border Patrol has the documents proving this. HHS says “we don’t talk to immigration.” Just another way they’re fighting to keep the children they’re selling to Americans. (And if you think the “selling to Americans” is hyperbole you’ve never seen the expenses related to adoption… you’re talking about around $10K for all the home studies, fees, etc. involved, all of which goes to the child welfare industry).

2 Bryan { 07.11.18 at 10:30 pm }

That’s the trafficking I referred to and I know what it costs from my own extended family, and having a foster care agency for a client [their accounting software].

One of my friends knows a couple who are trying to take care of three siblings who were deprived of their parents as toddlers, and the kids just won’t form an attachment with anyone. They are going to be a mess their entire lives because their parents couldn’t stay away from drugs and their grandparents didn’t want them.

When they started shipping the kids all over the country it was pretty obvious that there was no real concern for reunification.

3 Badtux { 07.13.18 at 3:16 pm }

A new story in today’s Murky News says that the child abduction (oops, “juvenile immigrant detention”) industry now is a $1 BILLION dollar industry.

Profits at the expense of children. Go figure.

4 Bryan { 07.13.18 at 5:58 pm }

It’s just a variant of the ‘private prison’ scam which has caused judges to be sent to prison for getting kick-backs from private prisons. The profits are higher for the juvenile detention facilities than adult facilities.