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Poor Management & Other Problems

Dow’s worst week since 2008 financial crisis; Nasdaq closes in bear market. The Dow closed at about 22,450, higher than when Trump was inaugurated, but well below this year’s high. This is shaping up to be the worst December since 1931 during the Great Depression.

The turnover rate at McDonalds is 44%. That is better than Trump’s White House at 46%. Note that this does not include all of the posts that have never been filled.

You should read Secretary Mattis’s resignation letter. This resignation by a Secretary of Defense is another unprecedented feature of the Trump administration.

Congress has gone home for the night, so Trump will get the government shutdown he wanted. This is his. The Republicans put together a bill that would pass, and he refused to sign it.

In better news, Gatwick, Britain’s second busiest airport, has been reopened after the police arrest two accused of involvement in the drone flights that caused the airport to be shut down for most of two days.

On a lighter note, the city of Yellowknife in Canada has announced the name of a public statue of a muskox: Elon Muskox.

December 21, 2018   1 Comment

Happy HogWatch & Solstice

snowflakeAt 4:28 PM CST the winter solstice occurs marking the longest night of the year. If everyone has been good, the days start getting longer tomorrow. Locally, the sun will rise at 6:40AM and set at 4:50PM for a total of 10 hours and 10 minutes of daylight, but tomorrow will be a whole 1 second longer.

This also marks HogsWatch, so don’t forget to put out the turnips.

December 21, 2018   10 Comments