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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

С Новым годом
Prosit Neujahr
Feliz Año Nuevo
Bonne Année
Felice Anno Nuovo
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar
Gott Nytt År
새해 복 많이 받으세요
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta

May you be safe from the idiots who think gravity is just a theory and fire off guns, failing to understand that what goes up will come down.

Given the prevalence of accurate timekeeping devices, it is amazing that the explosions that are supposed to signal the new year extend for hours beginning four hours before and extending well after the actual event. Anyone who thinks alcohol and gunpowder is a recipe for a long life should be avoided by insurance agents.

The new year brings new opportunities, so here’s hoping that the good wins out and the world is made a little better. It hasn’t happened yet, but there’s always a chance.


1 Kryten42 { 01.01.19 at 5:28 pm }

Agree to all the above!

At least NASA had a great start to the year & far more interesting that any Political kabuki we are forced to endure.

NASA Hits Its New Year’s Target at the Edge of the Solar System

I hope you and all have a much better & stress-free year in 2019!👍🏾😊

2 Bryan { 01.01.19 at 6:13 pm }

Well, sometimes things work out, but the morons will always be with us: New Year 2019: US military apologises for bomb tweet. Stratcom/Strategic Command was the follow on from the Strategic Air Command, and is responsible for all nuclear weapons systems. Whoever posted that tweet will no doubt be finishing his/her military career guarding aircraft on the flight line at Minot AFB [with the wind chill it is colder than Alaska].

The flight crews for the RC-135s [Boeing 707 based airframes] came from SAC. Their motto was also “Peace is our Profession”. We would add a sticker that said “War is just a Hobby”. The guys were alright, but their command was assholes.