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Trump’s Wall

Lego Great Wall of China

For $50 Trump can get this “Great Wall”, or buy big boxes of Legos and build a wall around his desk. That makes about as much sense as taking land from the people who currently live along the border to build a monument to a campaign mnemonic.

None of the 7 8 Democrats and 1 Republican House members who represent the Congressional districts along the southern border support building a wall. They find all of the claims about crime along the border to be an insulting distortion of the facts. If the situation was a real “crisis” wouldn’t there be an effort to pay the people who are charged with maintaining the effectiveness of the border?

In fiscal year 2017 there were 415,517 apprehensions at the southern border. During the same period 701,900 people overstayed their visas. The southern border isn’t the problem and a wall isn’t the solution.

Update: According to the BBC the correct number of border Congresscritters is 9, with Will Hurd of Texas-23 the sole Republican.

January 9, 2019   6 Comments