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Medieval 0 – 1 Modern DIY Tools

Like I wrote before Christmas, DHS testing of steel slat border wall prototype proved it could be cut through with saws available at Lowes/Home Depot. [Home Depot’s parking lots were always places to hire casual undocumented labor when I lived in California.]

The Maginot Line didn’t stop the Germans at the beginning of WWII, and the Siegfried Line didn’t stop the Allied armies at the end of WWII. The walls of Rome fell; the walls of Constantinople fell; the walls of Berlin fell; Napoleon wasn’t stopped by the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. Masada is on the top of a mountain, just like Monte Casino, and they both fell.

In case you missed it, it wasn’t the Congressional Democrats who asked that a steel slat fence replace a solid concrete wall, it was the Border Patrol.

January 10, 2019   6 Comments