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Medieval 0 – 1 Modern DIY Tools

Like I wrote before Christmas, DHS testing of steel slat border wall prototype proved it could be cut through with saws available at Lowes/Home Depot. [Home Depot’s parking lots were always places to hire casual undocumented labor when I lived in California.]

The Maginot Line didn’t stop the Germans at the beginning of WWII, and the Siegfried Line didn’t stop the Allied armies at the end of WWII. The walls of Rome fell; the walls of Constantinople fell; the walls of Berlin fell; Napoleon wasn’t stopped by the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. Masada is on the top of a mountain, just like Monte Casino, and they both fell.

In case you missed it, it wasn’t the Congressional Democrats who asked that a steel slat fence replace a solid concrete wall, it was the Border Patrol.


1 shirt { 01.11.19 at 10:12 am }

He had the house and senate and they wouldn’t give him his sop to his ego. Now he’s pestering the democrats and destroying what he can of the government in the process. They should attack the moran(sic): Putin’s poodle, Mar a Lago grifters club,. American Judas. It’s a target rich environment, another new one: Oleg V. Deripaska, does he really have the pee tapes?

Neither show him courtesy (why would you) nor mercy(undeserved!)

2 Bryan { 01.11.19 at 2:25 pm }

This is a dominance thing with him and has nothing to do with the border. He is trying to show that he can dominate the Democratic leadership, especially Nancy Pelosi. Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi is a member of Maryland’s political royalty that has ruled over Baltimore for decades. Her father and a brother were both mayors of Baltimore, and you don’t get elected to office in Maryland without the blessing of the D’Alesandro machine. There are pictures of Nancy and her parents at the White House with JFK. She may represent a Northern California district now, but she learned how to be a politician in the East Coast urban street fighting for votes.

She and her husband are probably richer than Trump ever hoped to be and she doesn’t scare worth a damn. Like her daughter, Alexandra, says “she’ll cut his head off before he realizes he’s bleeding.”

3 Badtux { 01.12.19 at 8:26 pm }

The problem with a concrete wall is that you can’t see what’s going on beyond it. A steel slat fence is a different story.

The Great Wall of China didn’t stop China from being conquered by the Mongols and Manchu either.

4 Bryan { 01.12.19 at 10:19 pm }

There are concrete saws that really work a treat. Diablo makes a bright red blade to cut through anything and the equipment is cheaper than an assault rifle.

When I was in SoCal a Border Patrol agent was injured by a bale of marijuana that was sent over one of those corrugated steel walls by a catapult. That led to some rethinking on walls in San Diego county.

Building Masada on the top of a mesa didn’t stop the Romans from building a ramp to get over the walls. [see 32′ ladder and 30′ wall]. Stationary defenses are not all they are claimed to be.

5 Badtux { 01.15.19 at 12:02 am }

Which is why it’s eyes and ears and boots on the ground that are important here, not whether there’s a wall, or just a border fence topped with razor wire. All that Trump’s “wall” will accomplish is taking money away from the eyes and ears and boots on the ground.

6 Bryan { 01.15.19 at 1:03 pm }

We have military sensor systems sitting in warehouses that are solar powered and would be perfect for the desert area. They were desert tested in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have drones; we have 8 officers per mile; we have all weather surveillance systems. All we need is a plan, which is something you need before you start asking for money.