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Old News

NPR reports that for the seventh consecutive year visa overstays exceeded illegal border crossings.

The article notes that approximately 400,000 Mexicans having been going home every year for several years reducing the number of undocumented in the US.

So, 38% of the undocumented are illegal border crossings and 62% are visa overstays, so the government should be shut down over the 38%?

January 17, 2019   Comments Off on Old News

Today in “Romper Room”, DC

Kevin Hassett, President Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser advised the 800,000 furloughed government workers to “get a loan”. How much of a loan [one paycheck, two, three] and from whom? Banks and credit unions have rules and criteria for making loans, and having your paycheck cancelled three times in two years doesn’t make loan officers happy.

After cancelling the aircraft for the Congressional delegation someone figured out that they had better cancel the trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum. The reasons given were the same that were stated in Speaker Pelosi’s letter postponing the State of the Union.

Over at CNN check out the video: Erin Burnett scorches Trump’s ‘unpresidential’ letter. Stay for the end where she has the scene of an Air Force C-32 [Boeing 757] taxiing at Andrews taking Melania to Mar-a-Lago. That’s probably the aircraft that would have been used for Speaker Pelosi’s trip. There are C-37 Gulfstreams available for small parties. Speaker Pelosi uses one to fly home to California [as the Speaker and 2nd in line, she is required to stay connected.]

January 17, 2019   2 Comments