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Not Much Of A Barrier

CBS reports that the Border Patrol arrested 200 adults, 176 children who dug under border wall in Arizona:

San Luis, Ariz. — A group of 376 Central Americans was arrested in southwest Arizona, the vast majority of them families who dug short, shallow holes under a barrier to cross the border, authorities said Friday. The group dug under a steel barrier in seven spots about 10 miles east of a border crossing in San Luis and made no effort to elude immigration agents. They included 176 children.

The unusually large group was almost entirely from Guatemala. They were taken to Yuma after entering the country Monday.

As they were from Guatemala it is probable they were Mayans, i.e. among the original inhabitants of the hemisphere. The original people, called collectively by the late arriving Euros as Los Indios, are always treated the worst. They were seeking asylum so they didn’t attempt to evade the Border Patrol.


1 Badtux { 01.23.19 at 2:11 pm }

So the billions of dollars of border wall can be defeated by a $5 shovel. Yay.

2 Anya { 01.23.19 at 2:54 pm }

I wonder if anyone thinks that the “Wall” is less about border security and/or racism and is more about getting 5.7 billion dollars into the hands of Trumps cronies in the construction industry (out of which the President will take millions in kickbacks). After all, that was the sole purpose of the Infrastructure plan.

3 Bryan { 01.23.19 at 3:48 pm }

One of the many reasons that people who live along the border don’t think much of “Wall” as a solution for anything. Badtux, we both know who would be needed to build the thing – undocumented workers, like every other border construction project.

The thing is, Аня, he’s already got $1.3 billion from last year that he hasn’t spent, and was in line for another $1.6 billion in the bill McConnell got passed before Christmas. It has to be symbolic, because he hasn’t shown any interest in building anything. Of course he’s expecting a kickback from the contract, he’s a New York City real estate developer.