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Adventures In Dementia

Trump is skeptical a deal on border wall can be reached. You have to wonder if that’s why he didn’t bother to propose building a wall during the two years when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. What isn’t explained is why he shut down the government three time in 2018. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t the Speaker of the House when this latest shut down started, Paul Ryan and the Republicans were still in control of the House.

Maddow Connects Trump’s Troop Deployment To Fictional Movie ‘Sicario’ and it wasn’t even the original, it was a sequel. Nothing Trump has tweeted lately about the border is real, it’s from a screenplay. Dust off the 25th Amendment, people.

If you are the National Security Advisor to the President you keep your notes in a portfolio. Everything the NSA takes notes on is classified based solely on him/her being the NSA. Seeing a reference to sending 5,000 troops to Colombia on John Bolton’s legal pad, given the situation next door in Venezuela, will cause problems in the area.

January 29, 2019   2 Comments