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Nasty Surprise

Take your pick:

NBC News – Tax code changes leave Americans asking, ‘What happened to my refund?’

Crooks & Liars – IRS: Average tax refund down 8.4 percent under Trump tax scam

Stephanie Ruhle with David Cay Johnson – Millions of Americans won’t get a tax refund and might have to pay

David Dayen at The Intercept – Trump wanted to goose paychecks, but now a surprise bill may be coming due for tax filers

In order to convince the middle class that they weren’t really getting screwed by the Trump administration’s ‘tax cuts for billionaires’, they diddled the withholding tables. This means that while your paycheck may have been somewhat larger you will not be getting back your usual refund, and may, in fact, owe the IRS money.